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Kevin Lasit

Vulnerability and authenticity are essential to shifting the energy in the audition room, but how does one behave “naturally” when feeling nervous? I have the utmost respect for actors because we choose to live in front of an audience and that takes courage. Actors are healers for our tribe, reminding us about the complete experience of being human. I am proud to say I have trained thousands of actors from children to adults. I love working with actors to find their truth and self-confidence, so they may shine brightly for all to see. I work with beginners giving them a safe place to explore the pool of humanity and the well-seasoned actor who is looking for a challenge to reignite their passions.

Please email for more info on private lessons and seminars.

Kevin's actors have appeared in major motion picturesTV shows, music videos, commercials, Youtube, and beyond.  

Kevin also has access to actors of all ages and types. Email for any casting needs and rates.

Acting Coach: Welcome
Acting Coach: Selected Work
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