I am blessed to have experienced all that I have thus far in my career as an artist. There once was a time I thought I’d never be on TV, write a screenplay, act and direct in a professional theatre company… I often felt as if I was a million miles away from all my dreams. If you really knew me, you’d know I do not give up easily once I have my heart and mind set on something. I see my passions through with a dogged focus and because of that persistence, I have lived my dreams, and that’s only my career ambitions. My number one dream has always been to be a trustworthy father and husband. Now… for my next dream… to one day be a grandfather…no pressure kids ; )  lol, lol

Here are a few photos from some of the dreams I made come true. I hope you enjoy. (Click on them to enlarge)


"Never ask for fame... ask for work.

- Kevin Lasit